‘The Digital Soane – A Man of Many Parts’
‘Who Knows Soane Nose’ - Competition Winner

an image for Who Knows Soane Nose
an image for Who Knows Soane Nose
an image for Who Knows Soane Nose
an image for Who Knows Soane Nose
an image for Who Knows Soane Nose

The Digital Soane, is a competition organised in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, and with the support of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation. The competition aims to marry the processes of hands-on craftsmanship with the latest digital technologies, and offers a prestigious platform for a new generation of jewellery designer-makers to showcase their hybrid contemporary designs.

In March 2014, the bust of Sir John Soane, which sits centre stage in the Museum’s Dome Area, was 3D scanned and digitally shattered. The fragmented pieces were then used as the starting point for a new object created by RCA Jewellery & Metal graduates.

An expert panel of judges including Heal’s Head of Fabric and Design Pia Benham; jewellery designers Lara Bohinc, and Shaun Leane and Ben Rowe from House of Shaun Leane; curator of applied arts Sarah Griffin; artist and 3D printing expert Adam Lowe; Anna Rigby, Head of Buying, Home Accessories & Gifts, Textiles and Carpets for John Lewis; and journalist and luxury expert Lucia van der Post, selected the winning designers.

‘Who Know Soane Nose’ is a play on the words knows/nose. I was given the nose fragment from Sir John Soane’s bust which I have used as a physical and metaphorical influence in my concept and design. At the end of a tour of the museum just before visitors enter the gift shop they are told the following story:

In 1815 Eliza Soane found out that their son wrote a damning article about Sir John Soane in The Champion;

‘These are George’s doing. He has given me my death blow. I shall never be able to hold up my head again.’

Shortly after, Eliza passed away.

Subsequently, John Soane disinherited his sons and left their home as a museum.

In the English language we often refer to the nose when it comes to private matters, ‘keep your nose out it’, ‘poking your nose in’, ‘being nosey’ the tapping on the nose in reference to a secret. Soane’s family troubles were brought into the public eye by his son George and this betrayal, Soane feels, lead to his wife passing away.

Inside ‘Who Know Soane Nose’ are extracts from The Champion article, for the wearer to exchange for a little note of their own that nobody ‘nose’.

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